‘Joe Millionaire’ Speaks Out Against Reality TV

Evan Marriott, aka "Joe Millionaire," in 2004 (Getty)

Well, this is surprising! Yesterday, after posting a recent photo of Evan Marriott, the reality TV pioneer who played the secretly-poor “Bachelor” clone on Fox’s 2003 hit “Joe Millionaire” with the headline “Oh Wow, Joe Millionaire Didn’t Age Well,” The Gloss’s Jennifer Wright received an email from Marriott, addressing both her comments about his looks and her quoting of a long-ago interview in which he was douchey. And it’s like, really thoughtful and intelligent? Here are a few choice quotes:

On his looks:
“The person my parents raised was better than the one I showed the public when I was introduced to America. No Jennifer, I don’t look like the guy that America knew as Joe Millionaire back in 2003.”

On Reality TV: “People in reality television can be terrible people. Their main focus is all about how they can gain fame and steamroll everyone else around them in the process. Only shows like American Idol, and Top Chef produce people with actual talent and for that, they should be commended.”

On his douchey interview: “Truth is, I never really wanted to be on TV and because I didn’t understand the repercussions of how popular the show was going to be, when it came time to handle the minimal celebrity that I had, I failed miserably.”

(You can read the rest on The Gloss.) Are we crazy or does Evan Marriott sound awesome!? Come back to TV, Evan! Tell the world what you’ve learned! Make goatees cool! Do whatever you want – sounds like you’ve earned a break.