Joe Simpson’s Male Escort Squeals Like a Pig

You got a real pretty mouth

Joey Anderson, Prostitute

The ongoing saga of Jessica Simpson’s gay escort hiring dad somehow just became more of train wreck.

The escort sat down with the National Enquirerfor a video that isn’t scintillating in its depiction of gay sex acts with Joe Simpson so much as it is unbelievably blunt about what it’s like to do it with a closeted bleach blond 54-year-old.

“He was big into ass play,” Joey Anderson told the Enquirer, while a passersby mistook him for Tia Carrere.

The heavily lip glossed Anderson also said Simpson was into “deep kissing” and that the two of them “did everything” during their three hour tryst at New York’s Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Though none of this is exceedingly interesting, there is something about Anderson we just can’t look away from. He is pretty much blasé about the whole thing and talks about the event like a Deliverance native might describe a typical day of catfish fisting.

In a serious, concerned…cadaverous tone, Anderson ended his interview with a message to Simpson.

“When you’re hiding a secret,” he said, after fully disclosing minute details about his illicit sex career, “it is only gonna destroy you in the long run.”

You could learn something from this pro, Joe!

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