Joey McIntyre Joins Fight Club? Gets Shirtless, Brawls in New Video for "Here We Go Again"

Here’s a screengrab of Joey’s new aggro look. Somebody’s been working out, eh?

Just in case you want to be consoled by not getting to see Levi Johnston’s full wiener shots in the coming Playgirl shoot, maybe you’ll settle for seeing ex-New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre in a shirtless Fight-Clubby brawl in the video for his new single, “Here We Go Again.” has the video. Kind of random, maybe? Apparently, this tune (which goes full-frontal on the vocoder over Joey’s chorus) is on a forthcoming EP Litle Joe has coming our way soon.

I think it sort of sounds like a castaway tune from a Pink album. In fact, swap out Pink for Joey in this video and it makes more sense, maybe. You know she’d be all into some shirtless brawling.

Anyway, watch the video. Maybe you’ll like it?

John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.