Barrowman Gets Handsy With A Shirtless Amell On “Arrow” Set

What body part of Stephen Amell’s did John Barrowman tweak? Barrowman told us!

Barrowman and Amell
Photos courtesy The CW

There are still three episodes left in the first season of the hit series Arrow but to whet our appetites for the season finale on May 15th, the CW released a finale photo with a captured Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his nemesis Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman).

The significance to the photo is that both men are mask-less so it would appear that sometime in the coming episodes Oliver will find out that Malcolm is The Dark Archer and Malcolm will find out that Oliver is The Arrow (aka ’The Hood’).

I chatted with Barrowman last week about the photo (which I had only heard about at the time we chatted) and the actor was happy to share a fun story about that day on the set.


TBL: I hear there’s a finale photo of you and Amell…

JB: I’m required in my contract at some point, during the whole season, that Stephen be naked around me on camera. Andrew [Kreisberg, Exec Producer] actually said to me, he said, ‘I’m giving you this scene.’

TBL: Is he shirtless?

JB: He’s totally shirtless. I do this whole thing where I stalk him around him. It’s beautifully filmed. There’s a whole rotation with the cameras and then the other camera’s going in and out from both sides and then we have a crane that comes down and swoops up. It’s shot like a movie but I was talking to him the whole time. At one point, I get up to him, and I say some dialogue to him and he’s looking at me, and there’s this intense look and then I tweaked his nipple. I said, ‘You can’t do anything, can you?’ Then I went…[cups his hands as one would cup a crotch] and he went ‘No!!’ [laughs]  Yeah, we had a good time.


Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm on the CW. The rest of my chat with Barrowman will be posted later this week on TheBacklot