John Boyega And Oscar Isaac Respond To Naughty Tweets

"I want John Boyega to suffocate me between his thighs."

Star Wars: The Last Jedi had a monster opening weekend, raking in more than $450 million worldwide. We wouldn’t be surprised if a good chunk of those ticket sales were from people who were hoping to witness John Boyega and Oscar Isaac finally lock lips.


You will have to see The Last Jedi for yourself to find out if Poe and Finn make their obvious attraction to one another to the next level, but until then you can watch the next best thing: Boyega and Isaac read thirsty tweets about themselves.


Do you want Boyega to suffocate you with his thighs? Do you start to sweat when you imagine Isaac eating Cheetos with chopsticks? These fans do. Isaac finds out that even lesbians aren’t immune to his charm and good looks.

Watch the new video from Buzzfeed below to get inspiration for your own naughty tweets about the Star Wars hotties.

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