John Duff Reaches New Heights in Soaring “High Heels” Music Video

He's on cloud nine in the exclusive premiere of his new music video.

John Duff is a bop factory.

Over the past year, the out singer has released a string of infectious earworms, including “Hokie Pokie,” I Hate LA,” “Do It,” and “100% Baby.” Now he’s finally released his debut EP, Homo•Sapien, with his latest slice of pop perfection: “High Heels” featuring Lillias White.

As Duff sings on the track, the song is less about stomping around in some stilettos and more about how he is on cloud nine thanks to the new man in his life. In previous videos, Duff has poked fun at the Kardashians and Mariah Carey. In the video for “High Heels,” he continues the campy imagery by slipping on plenty of fierce footwear, even managing to keep it cute in a chaotic tornado. We would love to see some Drag Race queens do the same.

“This whole moment is really a dream come true for me,” Duff tells Logo. “I’ve been creating and releasing for years, but this is the first time I’ve felt so fulfilled. In the past, I wrote as a spectator — but now I’m my own subject.”

“The EP is honest,” he continues. “This video is pure joy. It’s all love and acceptance – I think you can see and hear that. I cannot thank my team enough, but specifically Shawn Adeli (director) and Koil PreAmple (music producer) for seeing and executing my vision so clearly. ”

Check out the exclusive premiere of the “High Heels” music video below.

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