John Duff Comes for the Kardashians in Groovy New “Rich” Music Video

Will he break the internet?

In John Duff’s previous release, “Girly,” the singer-actor enlisted Drag Race girls Bianca Del Rio and Willam to parody Mariah Carey’s music video masterpiece “Heartbreaker.”

Now he’s back with his new single, “Rich,” and this time his targets are the Kardashians—and the culture of online celebrities.

“I like to think I’m holding a mirror to what it is that we do every day, as a culture—what we worship, how we consume, how we cope. That’s where the visuals really aid in my storytelling,” Duff says in a statement.

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My new song and video, “Rich”, drop this Friday 9|13. The video was set to release last year, shortly after “Girly”, but I called it off. I wasn’t prepared. Mentally, emotionally, physically – I was a mess. Of course I was happy with the reception of “Girly”, but success does not equate to wellness. I got lost in a persona – lost in other people’s perception of me I was stuck. Stuck on “why”. Why am I doing this? Why am I here? Why? I felt selfish in my pursuit of art – especially making “lighthearted” work in such seemingly dire times. I’ve learned a lot in this past year, but I think the most important thing is: Whatever you bring to the table is good enough. Your only job is to show up. Not everyone is going to Mother Teresa – and that’s ok. That was her mission, maybe not yours. We’re pretty helpless creatures, but everyone is worthy of their own star in the sky. Being imperfect does not mean that you don’t deserve to take up space. You are here. Create. Be seen. You’re worth it. Any way, back to me: Enjoy the show, dolls.

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Not only does Duff poke fun at the Kardashian clan and plastic surgery in the clip, he also features viral internet celebs including Rebecca More (one of the “Cock Destroyers”), Justin Jedlica (“Human Ken Doll”), and Chris Crocker. Icons only, honestly.

“‘Rich,’ for me, is layered; it has more angles than my last release, ‘Girly.’ You can listen to ‘Rich’ as a stand-alone pop song, as commentary, as satire,” Duff continues. “That’s what’s so exciting about it. There are so many lenses with which you can view ‘Rich,’ and all of them are legitimate.”

Check out the exclusive premiere of the music video below.

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