John Stamos Damn Fine At 51: Is Greek Yogurt The Fountain Of Youth?

To paraphrase LMFAO, John Stamos is sexy and he knows it.

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The former Full House hunk just turned 51 last week, but is still a Greek god. We should know: We’ve been enjoying his eye-candy Instagram account—including the recent shirtless pic below, which bears the caption “51 no filters F’ it.”

F it, indeed.

One commenter wrote “Would you please tell me where the fountain of youth is? You are too handsome—the older you get, [the] better looking you are!”

But another young lady said it best: “I think my panties just melted off…Have M E R C Y !!!”

How’s he do it? Stamos started doing Pilates a few years ago.

“I’m the only guy in there,” he explained. “They plot before I get there: ’How can we make John look ridiculous?’ But the good thing is, I have a beautiful woman’s body now.”

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