Jonathan Bennett Is Superman, Robert Gant On “Y&R,” John Stamos’ Love Sac: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Plus: Taraji P. Henson does not like to be secretly filmed, Jesse Tyler Ferguson gets cooking, and Jack Falahee is wheels up.

There’s a lot going on here, from the delivered meal to the cape to the hoverboard to the tasteful but quirky apartment

Although it has some competition from this photo of John Stamos

Ultimate multi-tasking on a love sac.

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Taraji does not like to be secretly filmed

On our way to set. #WeAreAFamily… @tarajiphenson @empirefox 3 weeks away.

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Well, you obviously took a photographer on the date as well. I’m still curious as to who takes all his photos

Took myself out on a date today to Cummins Falls. Mind blown. #NatureBoy #ColtonTheExplorer #ImGonnaLiveInACaveOneDay

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I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t going in the spank bank

Two out actors on The Young and the Restless together

Back on Y&R tomorrow; always a treat to run into this great guy and kind soul on set. @gregrikaart #yr

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They’ll never know they have a platypus among them

I’m sure that’s never been said before

Nice is nice

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I don’t actually have a cooking uniform. Am I a bad gay?

People like to take pictures of Trevor. I wonder why?

Why is this year’s costume less practical? His arms are unprotected

Spread it over toast

I assume he went naked into the hot springs. It’s the only proper way

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