John Travolta’s ‘I Think You Might Like It’: Creepiest Holiday Song Ever?

Serial gay sex denier John “Can You Hand Me My Head Lacquer” Travolta has now enmeshed Olivia Newton-John in his web of deceit.

The two former co-stars are doing that thang they do once again, this time in a poorly-produced attempt at making Christmas at the Osceola, Fl. Travolta compound look normal.

And oh…my does it do a bad job.

From John and Olivia’s sizzling new Christmas duet album This Christmas, comes this unfathomable video for “I Think You Might Like It.”

In addition to making us want to scream RUN! to Olivia Newton-John, the song’s title is awfully perplexing. Doesn’t John Travolta know that sounds a lot like a line in about a million gay porns that begin in high school locker rooms? We knew he had superhuman powers of self-deception but this really is really, just, something.

Take special note of John Travolta’s impeccable Hugh Jackman jazz hand impression, Kelly Preston’s overly enthusiastic cameo (always…), and that one really unfortunate daughter who only got her dad’s jeans.