Did John Travolta Just Come Out Of The Closet?

john travolta gay

Johnny boy!

John Travolta’s sexuality has never really been much of a subject of debate, and now that the actor and fake hair enthusiast is being sued by a former worker who claims the two were lovers, it seems that his lawyer Marty Singer is just throwing in the towel in terms of hiding the actor’s reported homosexuality.

Doug Gotterba, who worked for the actor and claims to have had a long-term relationship with him, had spoken with the National Enquirer about his “steamy affair” with the actor. Singer’s response? Not that this was not true or never happened, but that Gotterba needs to stop talking because he signed a confidentiality agreement when he worked for the star and they would sue him.

So now that Singer threatened to sue Gotterba, Gotterba is firing back and saying he is going to sue Travolta as he never signed a confidentiality agreement.

But again, we reiterate, no one is saying Gotterba’s gay claims are false anywhere in this.

Welcome to the club (finally) Johnny?

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