John Travolta Gay Drama Heading To Court

Hey cutie. Photo Credit: Getty Images

John Travolta’s attempts to settle a claim that he exposed himself to a cruise ship employee in 2009 are going to be playing out in open court, this after a judge struck down an argument from Travolta’s attorneys that the case should be settled in arbitration.

Sorry Johnny.

Travolta was travelling on a Royal Caribbean cruise when employee Fabian Zanzi claims that actor exposed himself and then forcefully embraced the steward, after asking for a neck massage. That sure doesn’t sound like John to us!

TMZ reports that Travolta’s lawyers tried to make the case that the “ticket for the 2009 Royal Caribbean cruise liner included an agreement to settle all disputes between a passenger and the company in arbitration.”

The Judge was not buying that.

So now off to court they go, unless Travolta decides to settle very quickly out of court.

We have a feeling Mr. Zanzi may be getting very rich very soon, and this trial may disappear.

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