Join Real-Life Couple And Stars Of “Eastsiders” On Honeymoon In Europe

"Be open to making new friends. We met people who loved playing tour guide in every single city we visited."

Kit Williamson and John Halbach, stars of the Netflix gay drama, Eastsiders, and real-life newlyweds, headed to Vienna (as well as a few other European cities) for their recent honeymoon. As a Valentine’s Day treat, the pair created a video of their trip and invited fans to tag along.

“We were both very excited to attend the Life Ball—it is one of the reasons why we chose Vienna,” explains Williamson, speaking about largest annual HIV/AIDS fundraiser in Europe. “And, for me, one of the best parts of the trip came when we got to take a museum tour with a guide who was already dressed in drag for the Ball.”

His husband’s favorite moment came later that evening. “I have been a Broadway nerd since the 1990s,” recalls Halbach. “At the Life Ball, as a surprise, actress Ute Lemper, who starred in Chicago in London and New York, made an appearance and performed ’Where Have All the Flowers Gone’ like Marlene Dietrich.”

As for parts of their trip we don’t see in the video?

“In Amsterdam we rented bikes; we biked everywhere,” says Williamson. “We also went on a boat cruise with wine and cheese.”

“Pride in Paris was another highlight,” adds Halbach. “It was more of a march and had a small town, scrappy feeling to it. It was very community-oriented and there was an amazing turnout.”

The biggest takeaway from the experience?

“Be open to making new friends,” suggest Halbach. “We met people who loved playing tour guide in every single city we visited. We are so grateful for these guides and friends.”

Watch the full video below:

Fans can also follow the duo on their blog, Where Gentlemen Go, or catch up on all three seasons of the drama Eastsiders on Netflix.

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