Jon Hamm Gets Closeted, Kisses A Dude In New Video: WATCH

Jon Hamm went into the closet (please come out?) with SNL scribe Mike O’Brien in his web series, “7 Minutes in Heaven.” In the episode, Don Draper himself showcases his signature funny bone, a sharp wit that somehow only makes the guy even more charming, a feat more difficult than anything this world has ever known.

A beloved, recurring SNL host and upcoming guest on Inside the Actors Studio (with his Mad Men peers), Hamm “hamms” it up hardcore in “7 Minutes.” And while he does NOT talk about the recent rigamarole surrounding his infamous bulge — which we prefer to call “Dong Draper” — there is a MAN-ON-MAN MAKEOUT SESH, for real.

So suit up, Mad Men fanatics. It’s about to get hot in here.

Jon Hamm’s Penis Ruins Everything