The Jonas Brothers Are Dropping New Music—and Gay Twitter™ Is Ready


The rumors are trumors: The Jonas Brothers, one of the most beloved boy bands of the mid-aughts, are reuniting, and no one is more ready than Gay Twitter™.

This Thursday, February 28, Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas took to Twitter to announce the release of “Sucker,” a new single, at midnight EST on Friday, March 1. It’s their first new release after a six-year hiatus; their most recent single as a group was 2013’s “Pom Poms.”

Naturally, the earth-shattering news—and the brothers’ colorful outfits on the single’s cover art—had Twitter users talking:

While none of the JoBros openly identify as LGBTQ (and they’re all spoken for, including fan-fave hottie Nick, who recently married Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra), they’ve showed up for the queer community in the past. Nick once said at OutFest Film Festival that he learned to support gay people at the age of 8 and thanked his father, a pastor, for being open-minded.

Some particularly #shook Twitter gays even posited a theory that their tween-hood obsessions with the brothers Jonas actually made them gay:

No comment on the above (though this writer feels obligated to note that her childhood bedroom was once covered in Nick Jonas posters from Seventeen and Tiger Beat, and she’s now very queer.) Just remember, kids:

Look out for “Sucker” at midnight.

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