Nick Jonas Ditches the Pants in Sexy “What a Man Gotta Do” Video

A little something to quench your thirst on this lovely Friday morning...

Good morning to Jonas Brothers and no one else.

This Friday, the Jo Bros dropped their latest bop, “What a Man Gotta Do.” The song is a sugary-sweet earworm, but that’s not where the fun ends: The aughties boy band-turned-sexy hit factory also released a hilariously charming, ’80s-inspired music video for the new track, which features Nick, Joe, Kevin, and a few more familiar faces.


Oh, did we mention Nick woos his wife Priyanka Chopra in a button-down shirt, socks, and undies? Because that happens, and we’re still not over it.


And in that moment, we were all Priyanka.

Don’t worry—the rest of the Jonas Wives make appearances, too (as do the remaining two Jo Bros minus the pants). Game of Thrones alum Sophie Turner, a.k.a. Mrs. Joe Jonas a.k.a. Sansa Stark, throws it down on the dance floor with her husband, and Danielle Jonas gets a Say Anything–style serenade from Kevin, who blasts “What a Man Gotta Do” on his boombox iPhone. (Yeah, not as epic, but still.)


It’s hardly the first time the Jonas Brothers have captured us all in a Thirst Trap™. Shortly after confirming their reunion last spring, the trio dropped a sexy AF music video for their song “Sucker.” Trust us when we say it was damn near impossible to choose the hottest broment in the three-minute masterpiece (Joe in bondage? Kevin in a bathtub? Nick in a skin-tight vest?!).

Watch the full video for “What a Man Gotta Do” below. Disclaimer: We’re not responsible for any thirst-induced texts you might send after seeing Nick strut his stuff sans pants. It’s risky business.

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