Jonathan Groff Saved His “Most Intense Sex Scene” For The “Looking” Finale Film

The HBO series will quite literally go out with a huge bang.

There’s only one way the Looking wrap-up movie could end, and during an on-stage interview with author Kevin Sessums at Curran Theatre in San Francisco recently, series star Jonathan Groff confirmed the inevitable: “There’s a lot of sex.”

Groff went on to explain the film, expected for a 2016 release, will also include “the most intense sex scene” he’s ever done, though he wouldn’t reveal who it was with.

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The sex scenes in Looking drew criticism from two different camps at the height of the HBO series’ two-season run — some claimed the series seemed oversexed for no reason while others felt the sex wasn’t good or shocking enough.


In an August interview with Attitude, Looking creator Andrew Haigh said he felt the strong reaction was “rooted in a fear where we want representation in the world, but only of the best of us.”

Groff, however, feels that sex is perhaps the strongest part of Looking. The 30-year-old actor told Sessums that he felt the scenes were meaningful, and that they opened up peoples’ minds:

One of the cool things about ’Looking’ is that after the first season, a lot of people – shockingly, liberal, open artists in New York and L.A. – said they didn’t know that gay people could have sex while facing each other. The show illuminated intimacy in sex [between men] without being porny or salacious. Those scenes felt very real and true to life. I was excited to do them. … I feel like a song from ’Oklahoma!’: ’I’m just a girl who can’t say no.’ (Laughs.)

Somehow, I’ve found myself in these projects where I’m literally exposed, and it’s felt comfortable and meaningful, so I’ve said yes. There’s something special about ’Looking.’ Not a day has gone by that I haven’t wept. It’s been very emotional [but] great that we get to say goodbye to San Francisco and our characters.

It’s nice knowing that, if nothing else, Looking taught straight people that we can look at each other while having sex.

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