Jonathan Taylor Thomas Is Back, And Hotter Than Ever

Vintage JTT. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Vintage JTT. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Get excited children of the nineties, because the original star of Tiger Beat and the man we all dreamed we would one day marry, Mr. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, has returned to television — and he still looks super hot.

JTT will be┬ámaking an appearance on his former sitcom dad Tim Allen’s new show Last Man Standing it seems, and while we never before would have dreamed of watching this show, this now guarantees we will be tuning in.

Johnny plays a coworker or college advisor or something on the show, we don’t really know and really don’t care, and looks very, very good with his facial scruff and eyeglasses.

The episode will air on ABC March 22 at 8/7 c, and you can see all the amazing photos here.

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