The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Musical You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here

Was it the mother?

They say that tragedy + time = comedy, and if the tragedy is as bizarre and horrifying as the JonBenet Ramsey case, you have to expect it to yield comedy gold. Enter JonBenet Ramsey Murder Mystery Theater. The show, part of New York’s 2013 Frigid Festival, whisks the audience on a musical murder comedy, finally answering the question of who is responsible for JonBenet’s death.

The show has been receiving rave, imaginary reviews, like “I died laughing!” (JonBenet Ramsey) and “Who is JonBenet Ramsey?” (HoneyBooBoo) as well as even more positive, real-life ones. It’s guaranteed to be some devious fun, and if they can make a musical out of Spiderman, we’re confident they can make a musical out of anything.

We. Cannot. Wait.

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