‘Who Booty’ Is a Filthy, Wonderful Song

Jonn Hart and friend, enjoying a booty

Let’s walk in the truth, shall we? “Who Booty” is a filthy song. A nasty song. A song that proves American culture is dissolving into a sickening puddle of chardonnay and lube.

But at the same time… “Who Booty” is my shit! Ooo-oooooh! Twistin’ at my desk! Poppin’ at the office! Grindin’ in the break room!

Ahem. Excuse me. My inner freak got the best of me. Let’s take a listen to the song, shall we?

“Who Booty” is by R&B newcomer Jonn Hart, and from the sound of it, he was raised on the smooth grooves of Usher, Trey Songz, and those guys in the 90s who sang “Knockin’ Da Boots.”

But this song isn’t hot because of Jonn Hart’s incredible vocals. I mean… he sounds fine, but the most important elements are the lyrics and the beat.

The lyrics are why I feel bad for liking this thing. For four minutes, Hart tells us he’s such a sex monster that he can make a woman explode. Familiar territory, I know, but there’s something especially pointed about these lyrics. For instance, the second verse includes this romantic come-on: “I’m a little nasty, I ain’t even gotta front/Lick you from your head down, down to your butt.”

AAAAAAH! I’m all for rimming, but is sexy to sing about it? Meanwhile, in the chorus Hart explains that while he’s making love, he will shout “Who booty is it!?!?” Presumably, his woman will say, “Your booty, Jonn! The booty you’re licking!”

But even though I’m scandalized by the lyrics, I cannot resist the boot. I mean the beat. It’s just so slinky! And the percussiveness of the chorus—the sharp sounds of “who booty is it?” are balanced with guys going “ah ah ah”—is basically a command to wiggle my thang.

So even though I feel a little gross about it, I am still bobbing my head this morning. However, if I ask my husband “who booty” it is, I promise to cut myself off cold turkey.

Mark Blankenship wonders if Who Booty could be a character in How The Grinch Stole Christmas. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship.