Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is A Gay As*hole In Old Docudrama

If you’re making it through your Monday relatively unscathed by a hangover or general ennui, you might not want to check out an oldie-but-goodie from Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “Pictures of Assholes”.

No, it’s not the new term for a selfie- it’s the name of a video project Batman/Robin (BOTH??) started in 2006. After spending a night being hounded by the paparazzi, JGL turned his own camera on the photogs and tries to engage them in pretty normal conversation. Ironically enough, they don’t appreciate it!

The whole exchange is super-awkward and definitely makes you think twice about the economics of celebrity; I mean, I don’t know anyone who loves having a camera shoved in their face at odd hours (maybe Kimye?) and the fact that the paparazzi are so reticent to interact with their “not even that famous” subject is just weird. They tell JGL their names are “Asshole” and go on to degrade his career; less than two minutes later, one of the photogs tells the camera the only reason why they were following him was because they saw him leave a club with another dude and they’re going to sell the photos as a way to insinuate his homosexuality. Fun times!!!

Ugh and then the other guy is all “I’m secretly in love with you!” and “I got a nose job!” and the whole ordeal sounds a little too Single White Female for me and can I go home and shower now? There’s a reason they didn’t call it 500 Days of Stalking.

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