Why Josh Thomas Wanted to Drag It Up on “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay”

"I just wanted something that might wake people up..."

Drag is all the rage these days, and queens are popping up on every TV show—including Freeform’s new series Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.

On the most recent episode, star and creator Josh Thomas transformed into his drag alter ego, Blessed, to lip-sync a disco number on top of a piano.

The drag performance might seem out-of-place in the series, but that’s exactly what Thomas wanted. The actor-comedian spoke with NewNowNext about how Blessed came to be, and why he wanted a drag queen to “wake people up.”

Where did the idea of doing a drag number come from? When you started writing, did you set out to be in drag at some point?

Yeah, we just did it because I wanted to do it. Obviously, there’s not that much reason story-wise. It’s like the exact halfway point of the season pretty much, and I always get worried about people binge-watching shows and forgetting that they’re watching a show, and actually they’re just looking at empty pictures and it’s like washing over them. I always do that with shows. So I just wanted something that might wake people up halfway through their binge-watch.

Had you done drag in real life before that?

No. And it’s exhausting!

I mean, you were done up.

Yeah, I had all these tiny bruises where the rhinestones on my tights were. Anywhere where there was a rhinestone on my tights, I jumped on the ground and had this perfect polka dot pattern of bruises on me. I broke my corset on the first take. So as the takes go on, my corset’s just sliding down my body until eventually it’s just loosely draped over my butt.

Jim Spellman/Getty Images

And did you come up with a drag name while doing it?

Well, my drag name is Blessed—just Blessed.


Blessed like hashtag blessed. B-L-E-S-S-E-D. No one can understand it in my accent. I was a bit worried during that drag number that all the male crew might kind of lose control and things on set might get a bit out of hand, but actually they were all really professional, which I appreciated.

They behaved themselves?

They behaved themselves, which couldn’t have been easy.

I’ve only seen the first six episodes. Can you tease about what’s going to happen during the rest of the season?

I mean, it’s annoying because to me, 7, 8, 9, 10 are the best episodes. The end of the season, it’s all about getting ready Matilda ready for college, and whether she’s going to be able to go or not. That’s what the series act becomes. That’s all I can tell you.

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