Watch the First Trailer for Josh Thomas’ New Series “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay”

Calling all "Please Like Me" fans!

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay—at least that’s what Josh Thomas is telling people.

The first trailer for the Please Like Me star’s new Freeform series, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, has dropped, and fans of his previous Pivot/Hulu series should feel happy that Thomas is once again bringing his brand of dramedy stateside.


According to Attitude magazine, Thomas plays “neurotic 25-year-old Nick, who begins caring for his two teenage half-sisters—one of whom has autism—after their father develops a terminal illness.” We are guessing the funeral in the trailer is Nick’s father’s.

While there is a preview now, don’t hit “series record” on the DVR just yet. Thomas revealed on Twitter this week that there is no premiere date for the series because they haven’t even shot it yet, and the scenes in the trailer were taken from the pilot they shot last year.

“We don’t have an air date yet… We haven’t even made it yet!” Thomas wrote. “The trailer being released was a bit of a shock!”

Thomas’ previous series, Please Like Me, gained a cult following, winning the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comedy Series three years in a row from 2014-2016. It ended in 2017 after four seasons—all of which are available on Hulu.

Check out the trailer for Everything’s Gonna Be Okay below.

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