Which Gay Celebrity Should Star On ABC’s “The Bachelor”?

juan_pablo_new_bachelorAmerica went nuts last night when they heard the news that Juan Pablo Galavis is the new Bachelor. Desiree Hartsock may not’ve realized Juan Pablo’s potential, but the execs at ABC sure do: He’s the’s the first non-white Bachelor in the show’s 11-year run, which demonstrates a modicum of progress. (It was just last year that two African American men filed a suit against the show for racial discrimination).

So, here’s the big question: Could The Bachelor ever do a gay-male edition? Hartsock was asked this question on HuffPost Live, and while her answer was a lackluster “sure,” that it was asked of a Bachelor/Bachelorette contestant at all was kind of a revelation. ABC, it’s time to make this happen.

And to maximize exposure make the gay bachelor a celebrity—a list that seems to be growing daily. (Also, if he finds his true love, you need to air his wedding special, because people will watch the shit out of it.)

Gay Celebrities We’d Like To See on The Bachelor

one direction 2

Cheyenne Jackson
Jackson revealed he recently broke up with his husband of two years. With that ’stache and those prison tattoos, he’d definitely attract bad-boy lovers.


Jim Parsons
The newly single sitcom star might be good for a bang.


 Zachary Quinto
Quinto was dating Glee’s Jonathan Groff, but that’s kaput.

Jonathan Groff
Jonathan Groff
See above

Dustin Lance Black
It might be hard to keep up intellectually with this brainy scribe.


Nate Silver

The very definition of a nice Jewish boy. But the whole “I’m ethnically straight” thing has got to go.

 beter thiel

Peter Thiel
An estimated net value of $1.6 billion. And he’s not hard on the eyes.

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Jason Collins
Physical prowess and integrity make a tantalizing combination.


Robbie Rogers