Judy Garland’s Unaired Final Variety Show Performance Is Sad And Stunning

Forget your troubles, c'mon get happy?

Hollywood legend Judy Garland had her share of troubles in her lifetime, but she always gave it her all in onstage.

That has never more apparent than in a recently unearthed clip from her single season variety program, The Judy Garland Show.

In the scene Garland sings “By Myself,” which was originally supposed to be the final performance of her series, before it was canceled in 1964, but producers felt it was too dark and never aired the song.

Now thanks to YouTube we can finally see Garland’s original grand finale in all its unbelievable glory.

Watch the incredible performance below where Garland does what she does best: belt up to the rafters and leave it all on the stage.

They don’t make them like her anymore.

h/t: Sunny Skyz

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