Julia Roberts & Dermot Mulroney Have “My Best Friend’s Wedding” Red Carpet Reunion

2013 Toronto International Film Festival - Grey Goose vodka Party For "August: Osage County"

In incredibly important international news that is making us pine for the nineties (Those were simpler days.), the stars of My Best Friend’s Wedding, that film classic that started the unavoidable movie and TV cliche that requires all leading ladies to have a sassy gay friend who looks great in tailored suits and is super wise, Julia Roberts and Dylan McDermott Dermot Mulroney, were reunited last night at the premiere of their new film, August: Osage County, at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Looks like Cameron Diaz couldn’t lock her man down in the long run.

Even more noteworthy, as you can see in the photo up top, these two cuties have clearly made some pact with really good plastic surgeons the devil, as they somehow look younger than they did way back in 1997.

Stars, they are absolutely nothing like us at all!

And that new film,August: Osage County, which is kinda like My Best Friend’s Wedding, just with more pill addiction, drug use, death, possible pedophilia and, best of all, Meryl Streep, will hit theaters later this year.