Juliet Evancho Wins Battle To Use Girl’s Bathroom At Pennsylvania High School

The Pine-Richland School District agreed to change its policy and award Juliet, sister of singer Jackie Evancho, a monetary settlement.

A Pennsylvania high school has agreed to rescind its discriminatory bathroom policy in a settlement with Juliet Evancho, the transgender sister of singer Jackie Evancho.

On Tuesday Lambda Legal, which represented Evancho and two other trans students, announced it had settled their case against the Pittsburgh-area Pine-Richland School District.

The suit was filed after the Pine-Richland school board voted in September to restrict transgender students to single-person bathrooms or facilities that matched the gender listed on their birth certificate, reversing an existing policy that allowed students to use restrooms that corresponded to their gender identity.

As part of the settlement, the district lifted its bathroom ban and agreed to update its nondiscrimination policy to include gender identity. The students involved in the lawsuit, who have all graduated, will also receive an undisclosed monetary sum.

“This is a victory for transgender students everywhere and sends a clear warning to school districts with anti-transgender bathroom policies,” said Lambda Legal staff attorney Omar Gonzalez-Pagan. “Although Juliet, Elissa, and A.S. have now graduated, their courage has opened doors for current and future transgender students at Pine-Richland and elsewhere who will no longer be barred from using the bathroom that matches who they are. The settlement affirms that transgender students, like all students, deserve to be respected for who they are.”

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In February, a federal judge ruled in a preliminary injunction that the school had to allow the students access to the restrooms that correspond to their gender identity while the issue was sorted out in court.

Juliet’s sister, Jackie Evancho, was criticized for performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Days later, the 17-year-old America’s Got Talent finalist asked the president
for a meeting to discuss transgender rights in response to the Trump administration’s removal of federal protections for trans students under Title IX.

While former White House press secretary Sean Spicer indicated the president would welcome a meeting with the singer, Evancho told The View in April, she still hadn’t heard anything more from the White House.

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