Jussie Smollett’s The New Face of Sean John, Kelly Osbourne Hates Giuliana Rancic, Josh Duggar May Be Sued Over OKCupid Profile Pic: MEME

Marc Jacob tired of labels, Misha Collins mugged, is Becky G's new song about bottoming?

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne may have left Fashion Police, but that doesn’t mean she won’t come back. “If certain people weren’t there.” Of course it’s not hard to figure out who she’s talking about. “I will never admit to liking Giuliana [Rancic] because I don’t. I don’t think she’s a good person and I think she’s a liar.”

Cara Delevingne recently spoke out about having been sexually harassed as a model, but now a male model is speaking out to say it’s not just with women, but with male models as well. “During one shoot for a magazine I was asked – quite unnecessarily – to strip down to my underwear so that the stylist could “look at my body objectively”. Later on that shoot, I was disallowed from wearing underwear under a pair of tight trousers – the stylist then proceeded to put his hand down those trousers to ’adjust the fly’.”

He understands that his life was privileged. “Admittedly, I never had it that bad. I never felt like I was in any real danger. Myself and the male models I became friends with were never coerced into the profession. We were supremely privileged – enough to make money out of how we look (or looked…), do some travelling [sic], go to some amazing parties and be surrounded by creative, inspired people.”

We’re familiar with the Tyler Oakley’s, the Troye Sivans, the Connor Frantas of the world, who came out on YouTube to millions. But take a look at these four teens, heck, one is twelve, who came out and told their stories on YouTube to help others that were struggling. I don’t remember being this strong when I was a kid.

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson is being accused of attacking a photographer who took pictures of him and his girlfriend leaving a theater. According to Kristi Miller of the Daily Telegraph, he shoved her in the back, and “He was yelling at me, calling me a dog, saying I’m not even a human being and I will go to hell. He swore and called me a c**t.” Gibson’s rep says that it’s all made up and the photographer was harassing Gibson. Because Gibson has never lost his temper.

Josh Duggar’s OKCupid profile didn’t use his own picture, because, duh! But he evidently searched Google for “random guy” and picked the third photograph that showed up, which happened to be L.A. DJ Matthew McCarthy. McCarthy is none too pleased to find this out, and says the association has already cost him one job, and so he’s considering legal action. Considering how often guys online use fake pictures, I’m not sure what kind of luck he’d have in court, but the Duggars might pay anything just to keep it from staying in the press longer.

Last year, the British Army had invited troops to self-identify as LGBT when they sign up. But to date the number of troops that have done so is astonishingly small, “less than five.” Of course, only 60 of the 10,000+ troops have bothered to answer that question at all, which means that it’s not being presented correctly, because in my experience, straight guys are all too happy to declare that they’re straight.

Misha Collins
Misha Collins had to skip out on a panel at MinnCon after he was attacked and mugged after leaving a restaurant. He managed to come out of it with only a few scrapes, and while he didn’t attend his panel, he did show up for some pictures with fans.

Spiders are generally not loved, but we are working on getting something good from them – boner pills. Bites from the Brazilian wandering spider are not deadly, but not pleasant either. And one effect is erections that last for hours. Scientists have isolated the compound that causes the erections, and are working to turn it into a drug, because it will work on the 30% of men that can’t use existing drugs like Viagra.

Warner Bros
We know from JK Rowling that Dumbledore was gay, even if it never appeared in the books. Now with Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, could we finally see a younger, gayer Dumbledore? We know that he and Newt knew each other in their youth, and the timeline works for it to be post-Grindelwald. Could we finally get our gay wizard? They have three movies in which to do it.

State Fair
Ed Kennedy
From my local paper, a woman complaining about her daughter’s trip to the State Fair. “She went to the West Virginia State Fair the other day and while standing in line to get on a ride, a so-called Christian handed her a booklet about gay and lesbian life. This man didn’t give anyone else the booklet, just my daughter because she had short hair. How was it that he felt she was a lesbian and maybe not a cancer patient. This was truly uncalled for and NOT the Christian way. When a child can’t go to the fair and have fun without being labeled because of her looks is uncalled for. The fair shouldn’t tolerate this behavior from anyone.I’m thankful that the main office will be looking into this since we filed an incident report. To the so-called Christian handing this booklet out, be glad I wasn’t there.”

I went to the State Fair Tuesday, and while I was handed several things by Christian groups, not one of them was about gay and lesbian life. I’d love to know if this booklet was pro or con. The only thing gay I saw at the Fair was when I opened Grindr for 30 seconds and had a dozen offers from farmers and carnival ride workers. It was a shame I’d gone with my mother.

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs is done with labels, except in his overpriced clothes. “I think it was after the Caitlyn Jenner thing, and I just said, like, can we just start calling people by their name? You know, not what they do for a living, not what their sexual preference is, not their age, not who they’re related to. It’s 2015. Just say, ‘Hi, I’m Caitlyn.’ ‘Hi, I’m Marc.’ It’s not like, ‘I’m Marc, homosexual Jew from New York’. You know, ‘fashion designer’.”

The Denver City Council has stalled efforts to add a Chick-Fil-A to their airport, citing the company’s anti-gay stances. Councilman Paul Lopez says it’s “really, truly a moral issue on the city.” For now, the franchise is stalled for two weeks until the council meets again.

Jussie Smollett
Jussie Smollett has been named the new face of Sean John’s new line in a campaign called Dream Big. Who would have thought a few years ago an openly gay man would be the face of a campaign from a hip-hop mogul’s fashion line?

Any time you say “web video” and “Dave Franco” together, you pretty much know that you’re going to watch something weird and disturbing. In this case it’s some kind of giant action/revenge movie that acts as a commercial for Madden NFL 16. Basically this commercial had a bigger budget than anything that’s going to win an Oscar this year. But Dave, despite the weird hair/mustache choices, looks like he’s been working out, and there’s a lot more of him.

Buzzfeed has a theory that Becky G’s new single is all about bottoming. I have to admit that it would make a pretty good sex song, and some of the lyrics fit pretty well with bottoming, although they probably fit well with anything to do with sex. Whether Becky G had any intention of it being so, bottoms everywhere now have a new anthem, which is only fair, because most of the sex songs out there are told from the other perspective.

Muppets make anything better. It’s a proven fact. And if you want proof of that, I present a dramatic reading for “It’s a Small World” by the Muppets, and it’s the first and only time you won’t be putting a wire brush into your ear trying to get the damn song out.

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