Jussie Smollett Plays Carnegie Hall, Brandon Routh As The Atom, Tom Daley Dangles His Abs: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Robbie Rogers leaves his bra at home, Grant Gustin is a huge nerd, Matthieu Charneau escorts Paris Barclay

Empire hits the big time

Fashion is different for all of us

It's #NYFW so I thought I'd stop by to visit these two designers @membersonlyusa

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Since some of you remarked on him finding shirts the other day

I need more shirts in my wardrobe… Who's got good lifting gear? Any suggestions?

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Lazy Saturdays


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Behaving is no fun at all

Yeah, some things can be communicated without words

I'm a big advocate for the Deaf/Handsome community ?

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Call me when you decide not to wear a jock

Back at it tomorrow… Excited to see you all there!! #LAGalaxy and I've decided not to wear my bra. ?? ?: @hanaasano

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This is true Glamour

Oh hey.

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Nerd. Lovable nerd

Cool. @grantgust

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Honestly, what she’s doing here is more impressive

????? @geoward_

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There appears to be a lot of romance in Something Like Summer. I’m not big on romance

Careful Ben, or you’ll find yourself in the woods drinking pee

That’s a lot of leather

This is one of the less sexy outtakes from the shoot. He looks totally exhausted. Being pretty is so hard

If that wasn’t good enough, the calendar itself must be amazing

Some people’s memories are more epic than others

Who is training whom?

Nice neighborhood

The suit seems a lot less impressive when you realize it’s all foam

Seriously, he could make the price of a ticket worth it. They explore his Instagram at the link

Vacation is over for Luke

So this is what Michael Sam is doing for money now

An American In Paris is ready for Tuesday

Paris has some seriously nice arm candy for the red carpet

Sergio Carvajal gives a lesson in control

Opinionated. You'll love to hate me