Justin Bartha Bares Butt, Plays With Rupert Grint, In “CBGB” Movie: PHOTOS

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We’ve got all kinds of reasons to be excited for CBGB, but here’s another: The New Normal actor Justin Bartha will be baring his butt (and other intimate body parts) in the film, which look at the seminal punk-rock club that birthed bands like Blondie, The Misfits and Dead Boys. 

“I’ve got to know Justin quite well,” said Rupert Grint, who also drops trou in the movie. “Seeing just now his butt cheeks were my canvas and I was drawing stuff on his bare ass cheeks.”


MTV reports:

In the film  Grint and Bartha play Dead Boys’ bandmates Cheetah Chrome and Stiv Bators. When the guys find themselves looking for something to do on a road trip, rather than a friendly round of “I Spy” or the “License Plate Game,” Bartha’s character passes the time by ditching his drawers and bending over.

“Today we are a shooting a scene where the Dead Boys go on the road, drive the Northeast and do a little tour,” Bartha explained. “They are in certain states of disarray, trying to stay awake, screwing with each other and [my character]; he had an affinity for mooning people while he was driving.”

And although their backsides were a popular topic on the movie’s set, it turns out underwear wasn’t the only thing these actors had to drop for their “CBGB” roles. Grint said goodbye to his English accent — “it’s kind of easy because my character has done so many drugs you can’t really understand what he’s saying” — while Bartha shed some extra pounds to better resemble Bators’ slim physique — “it’s tough to be a punk-rock singer and have a tire around your waist.”

Tell us about it.
CBGB hits theaters October 11. h/t: Just A Dream
justin bartha nude cbgb
justin bartha nude cbgb
justin bartha nude cbgb
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