Justin Bieber Vs. “Children Of The Corn”: Who Wore It Better?


Be afraid parents, be very, very afraid, as Justin Bieber’s latest fashion accoutrement is remarkably similar to one another little boy, Isaac, was seen in right before he murdered all the elders in his town. And then started worshipping a corn god.

That’s right friends, the Biebs is getting his Children of the Corn on.

The singer sent out a photo giving us a peek at his fancy new brimmed hat on Instagram today, writing simply; “100.”

What does that mean? Does this have some sinister meaning? Should we be afraid? Is he going to try and murder Linda Hamilton?

Forgetting about all that for a second though, the question we really want to know is — who wore it better? Justin Bieber? Or Isaac the psychopath from that Steven King story?