Justin Bieber Fans Are Not Just Idiots, They Are Also Horrible, Horrible People

Jimmy Kimmel and his Lie Witness News team were back at it these past few days, chatting with Justin Bieber fans heading in to see the pop star’s LA performance. And it turns out we need not worry about Mr. Bieber and his recent antics, as it is his fans who are horrible, horrible monsters.

Don’t believe us? Well watch above as fans of The Biebs say it is alright he once punched his grandmother in the stomach, sending her to the hospital, has car tires made out of baby seal skin and pissed on the American flag. They also like any tattoo he gets, real or fake.

This is our youth folks!

Oh, and before you all start freaking out, we really don’t think you are horrible people Bieber fans, though clearly a few of you really are idiots.