Justin Bieber’s Crazy Fans & Crazier Manager Are Pissed, Guys

justin bieber grammys

Over all, it’s been a bad day…

Justin Bieber, Internet Pantheon of Pop Music and the first 18-year old to ever wear overalls to meet the Canadian Prime Minister, is not going to win a Grammy this year. And his manager is PISSED.

Scooter Braun won’t be able to ride Justin’s overall straps onto the Grammy stage this year, since nominees were announced late Wednesday night and they were … decidedly Bieber-less. Braun chose to air his grievances over Twitter, which as any politician or former child celeb will tell you, is exactly the place to go to change the mind of powerful industry execs.

Or to whine to legions of teenagers. Yawn.

He complained that the Biebz “deserved to be recognized,” but dude, the music industry is a lot of things and FAIR has never been one of them. (Hasn’t this guy ever seen Nashville? Let’s be real now.)

The Grammy board and the people who actually buy records/MP3s/whatever the kids call them these days have never been on the same page, which is why sometimes we get some beautiful surprises (Esperenza Spalding!) and a lot of hairy white dudes (most of the Best Rock Album nominees for the past six years). Looking at the past few years of nominees, we should just be lucky they’re actually somewhat striving towards relevance with the inclusion of Frank Ocean and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Anyway, reps for the long-running award show haven’t responded, probably because they still use dial-up.

But don’t worry Justin! If there was a Grammy for the Internet, I’m sure you’d be a frontrunner.

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