Justin Bieber Werks It In High Heels, Reenacts “Fifty Shades” With Campy Alan Carr

Mr. Bieber will see you now.

From chastising a crowd in Spain for clapping off beat to stopping a performance in Oslo because fans wouldn’t let him mop up a spill on the stage,
Justin Bieber’s press tour for his new album, Purpose, has not really helped mend his image.

But when the Biebs dropped by Chatty Man to talk to campy host Alan Carr, he couldn’t have come off more charming.

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When Carr asked him if he was worried he’d been forgotten in the nearly four years since his last album, Bieber smiled shyly and noted “I think I managed to find a way to make some headlines for other things.”

He did get noticeably flustered while Carr asked about his ripped body—inquiring how to get the “cock trench,” or pelvic “V.” (Spoiler: Lots of cardio.)

When Bieber noted that “Ladies love the V,” Carr claimed that was why he wanted it.
The audience’s riotous response threw Justin for a moment.

Still, the pop prince was definitely in on the joke—groping Carr briefly in a Fifty Shades of Grey moment, feeding him candy, and beating Carr’s time for running in high heels.

It’s hard to imagine the Bieber of two years ago being quite so affable in the face of all that camp, but he handled it with a lot of grace and humor.

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