7 New Celebrity Fragrances And What They Really Smell Like

With Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds perfume line earning one billion dollars over the years—and Liz has been dead for two years, mind you—it’s no wonder a growing number of celebs are getting into the fragrance game.  This summer saw additional scents from David Beckham, Beyonce and Britney Spears, and a new cologne from rocker Adam Levine. Based on the theory that the stars really capture their own essence in their fragrance, we’ve taken a look at seven celebrity scents to figure out what they’re really all about.


Name: Classic
Celebrity: David Beckham
Claimed Scent: Hints of gin tonic accord, lime and galbanum for “freshness”, and cypress, nutmeg and mint for “spice”
Actually Smells Like: David Beckham’s armpits (in our dreams).

Name: The Key
Celebrity: Justin Bieber
Claim: Hints of vanilla, musk, woods, and floral
Actually Smells Like: hairspray, chewing tobacco and pot


Name: Adam Levine
Celebrity: Adam Levine
Claim: Hints of mandarin, grapefruit and lemongrass, “intensified” by drops of amber, sandalwood and cedarwood
Actually Smells Like: Hypocrisy—In 2011, Levine tweeted that there should be a ban on celebrity fragrances


Name: Pulse NYC
Celebrity: Beyonce
Claim: Hints of raspberry, pomegranate and bartlett pear, and flowers of peony and jasmine sambac.
Actually Smells Like: Whatever’s in Blue Ivy’s juice bottle.


Name: Island Fantasy
Celebrity: Britney Spears
Claim: Hints of citrus, mandarin, clementine, red berries and watermelon, and flowers of jasmine, violet and freesia
Actually Smells Like: Frappuccino mixed with cherry Slurpee


Name: Queen Of Gold
Celebrity: Naomi Campbell
Claim: Hints of passion fruit, pear and currant, and flowers of star jasmine, rose and freesia. Plus woods of dark chocolate, vanilla and creamy sandalwood.
Actually Smells Like: Tic-Tacs and Silk Cuts


Name: Pure Honey
Celebrity: Kim Kardashian
Claim: Hints of rose and wild honeycomb
Actually Smells Like: Desperation and baby oil