Trending in Style: Justin Bieber’s Roman Numeral Tattoo is Technically Incorrect

Courtesy of Instagram.

  • Justin Bieber got his second tat this month — “1975” in Roman numerals. No one knows why 1975, and, as many have pointed out, he spelled 1975 wrong.  But he at least he looks confident!
  • Vogue’s Best Dressed is just a top-10 of Golden Globes fashion this week, but they picked some great styles.
  • Ryan Gosling said that one of “the most relaxing days of his life” was when he learned to knit with a bunch of old ladies when filming Lars and the Real Girl. And just like that, Ryan Gosling scarves (with love in every stitch) are at the top of every wishlist in America.
  • Celebs like Rihanna and Brandy make leather caps look so hip. Here’s how you can get one too!
  • If you have sensitive eyes but love bright eyeshadow, this lavender one by Jane Iredale is a winner!