Justin Bieber’s Underwear Going On Display In Museum

The drawers are one of the items on view at a new exhibit in the singer’s Canadian hometown.

An exhibition dedicated to Justin Bieber’s life opened this weekend in the singer’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario.

The exhibit at the Stratford Perth Museum, titled “Steps to Stardom,” runs through the end of this year, and features a number of the star’s personal belongings, including a 7th birthday party invitation, his childhood Rubik’s Cube, various awards, a personal letter from the former First Lady Michelle Obama, and the jacket he wore when he played junior hockey for the Stratford Warriors.

“The quirkiest item we have,” John Kastner, general manager of the Stratford Perth Museum, tells Billboard, “is a pair of Ellen underwear, a take home gift [Justin got] after appearing on the show.”

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Kastner says he’s received various inquiries from around the world regarding the exhibit, including calls and emails from Spain, Italy, all over the United States, and a tour company in South Korea.

“When it was first announced, I went down and saw our manager of exhibits and said, ‘Okay, I know you’re really working hard at this and I see the design is going to be fantastic. What I don’t want to happen is somebody flies in here from Japan and goes ‘I’m really disappointed.’ She goes, ‘Japan?’ I just got an email from somebody in Japan!’” Kastner recalls.

In addition to visiting the museum, visitors to Stratford can see Bieber’s old high school, Northwestern; his favorite ice cream shop, Scooper’s; and the steps of the Avon Theater, where Bieber recorded a YouTube video busking, which led to his discovery.

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