Justin Sayre Praises Divas, Schools Sodomites In “The Meeting”: WATCH

Even people who talk about the nefarious gay agenda don’t think there are monthly gatherings where policies and positions are hashed out. Oh, but there are: For some time now, Justin Sayre has been honoring gay icons and laying out the foundation of the Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 3.09.52 PMInternational Order of Sodomites to eager acolytes at The Meeting, one of downtown New York’s most original and entertaining queer happenings.

Each month Sayre enlists a variety of like minded entertainers, from Broadway gems to downtown scenesters, and pays homage to a different icon—some predictable, some surprising—in his own unique way. (At a recent show honoring Cher, Sayre and two other performers re-imagined The Witches of Eastwick with a Third Wave feminist bent.). The big show of the year is the annual Night of a Thousands Judys—and if we have to tell who that honors, you might as well just stop reading now.)

With the Meeting having just made its uptown debut at the very chic 54 Below, NewNowNext thought we’d ask Sayre about the show, his craft and his personal gay agenda. Watch it now.

The Meeting, hosted by Justin Sayre, will celebrate Liza Minelli on September 25 at 54 Below in Midtown Manhattan. 
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