Justin Timberlake’s New Song: Is It Good?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at a Lakers game.

“Ohhhh! My new song is amazing!” (Photo: Getty)

Last week, I wondered if Justin Timberlake’s self-congratulatory ramp-up to his new single was going to blow up in is face. Was he making too big a deal of himself? Was he assuming we were anticipating his new music more than we actually were?

However, I also said that if his new song was the bomb, then none of this would matter.

And guess what, boo? Just Timberlake’s new single “Suit and Tie,” featuring Jay-Z, is sickening. Girl, my ass is shaking up and down this house like somebody dropped an earthquake in here. You’d better drop them drawers, y’all, because this song is sex, and sex is happening NOW.

In other words: Listen to that laid-back 70s-soul groove. It’s ferocious. And how about Timberlake’s falsetto gliding elegantly around the music? He’s displaying more than just style here. He’s proving how much control he has of his instrument. It’s in the way he shades a phrase with a little growl or moan, and the way he stretches a note so that it gets slightly behind the beat. It gives the song so much extra energy, and it takes a pro to sing that way.

And let’s talk about the lyrics. JT is getting pretty raunchy in his ode to a lady he wants to freak. “Stop, let me get a good look at it… Come on show ’em who you call Daddy.” And some stuff about her booty and love swinging in the air and that’s probably a penis, right? But when you sing that mess so well, it’s sexy.

Lord have mercy, y’all. I might have had doubts last week, but now they are gone. Justin Timberlake just dropped the first great single of 2013.

If he asked, Mark Blankenship would probably make out with Justin Timberlake. Just to be nice. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship.