Justin Trudeau Will Be The First Canadian Prime Minister To March In A Pride Parade

He also plans to address the age of consent difference between anal and vaginal sex.

Justin Trudeau is continuing his trend of groundbreaking acts since taking power by becoming the first serving Canadian Prime Minster to march in a Pride parade.

Trudeau has been a part of the Toronto Pride parade many times before, but this will mark his first as Prime Minister.

“I think we recognize that it’s not just me going to the parade yet again,” he said. “This is a position that the community and Canadians put in place — a Prime Minister who understood how important it was to attend Pride, and that’s worth celebrating.”

Trudeau has also vowed to to equalize the difference in the age of consent between vaginal and anal sex, and to work on eliminating the blood donation ban for gay men.

The Prime Minister sat down with Canada’s Daily Xtra to discuss these issues, and you can watch the interview below.

h/t: Gay Star News

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