Justin Vivian Bond to Joe’s Pub: I’m Back! [video]

What’s Justin Vivian Bond up to these days? Watch the video above to find out!

Best known to many as the singing/cocktail-wielding Kiki, one-half of the world-renowned (and Tony Award winning) performance duo, Kiki and Herb, the transperson chanteuse returns to Joe’s Pub this weekend with a new show, MX America.

Justin stopped by the Logo studios to tell us about the brand new production which incorporates video, spoken word, and original songs from V’s critically acclaimed records Dendrophile and Silver Wells. In the show, V (Justin’s pronoun of choice) explores “ways of seeing and being seen” as a patriot, a gender non-conformist and a cabaret artist. Oh and there are a few cheap jokes V bought off a drunk queen in San Francisco.

For all Justin Vivian Bond fans (and anyone smart who doesn’t know V yet), MX America looks to be a show you shouldn’t miss.

To get tickets head to the Justin Vivian Bond page at Joe’s Pub.

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John Polly interviewing Justin Bond and Our Lady J from 2008.


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