Juxtashade Slays (Okay) With “Formation” Dance Routine

A salute to Queen Bey!

The men of juxtashade have gone above and beyond giving justice to Beyoncé’s latest single, “Formation,” in a brand new dance cover video shot at Henry J. Kaiser Memorial Park in Oakland, California.

The troupe describes itself as “a brotherhood focused on comparing and contrasting the imagery of shade; being skin, movement and life through dance,” and they clearly aren’t lacking in the talent department.

Strapped with the moves from Beyoncé’s epic Super Bowl halftime show, the guys tear it up and salute Queen Bey with an absolutely stunning performance.

Check it out below:

Matthew Tharrett is a writer, filmmaker, and above all else, a Britney fan. He once shared a milkshake with Selena Gomez.