Meet the Logo30: Kai Wes

"I might be androgynous, but that does not mean I am the epitome of nonbinary."

Every day during the month of June, we will be spotlighting our 2020 Logo30. This powerful series profiles ordinary and extraordinary people who show pride in unique and provocative ways. Visit the Logo30 homepage to view current and past honorees.

Last year, Kai Wes made TV history.

Wes was a contestant on the latest season of MTV’s Are You the One?, which was billed as “the first sexually fluid reality dating competition show in the United States.”

“That was pretty fucking cool, not gonna lie,” Wes told Logo and NewNowNext.

Since his season of Are You the One? the self-identifying “queer, trans masculine, nonbinary artist and LGBTQ+ activist” has been using his platform for good.


In a recent social media post, Wes spotlighted Trans Lifeline, a trans-led advocacy group that provides peer support and material resources to trans and gender non-conforming people, in partnership with Logo and MTV’s +1 the Vote.

“As someone who still doesn’t have their own ID changed yet, I am incredibly on board for facilitating these types of ways to elevate trans folks, trans youth, and young voters at a time when our voices need to be heard now more than ever,” Wes wrote on Instagram.

The Rhode Island native not only speaks about trans issues but his own nonbinary identity, sharing how everyone should live their truth and look the way they feel most authentic.

“I’m very vocal about my top surgery and my top resources. I’m a big advocate for the fact that nonbinary identities don’t have to look any one way,” Wes said. “I might be androgynous, but that does not mean I am the epitome of nonbinary. I’m just Kai. This is how I feel comfy.”

Watch video interviews with our 2020 Logo30 honorees, including Wes, below.

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