Kansas City Couple Targeted In Terrifying Homophobic Hate Crime

Gyo Mendez had a gun held to his head as a vandal sprayed "fag" on his car.

A married couple in Kansas City, Missouri is hoping to raise money for security cameras in their new home after being targeted in a hate crime over the weekend.

Paul Oldham shared a post to his Facebook page that detailed the terrifying ordeal his husband, Gyo, endured late Friday night.

“He explained between gasps that he had heard something outside and went out the back door to check it out,” Oldham wrote. “A man was hiding in the dark…and put a gun to his head.”


A second man was spray painting the word “fags” on every side of Mendez’s car before running up and punching the victim in the jaw.

The two men then reportedly ordered Gyo to look away while they ran back to their vehicle and fled the scene.

The couple says that they don’t feel safe in their home now, but they refuse to move or live in fear.

Oldham started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for security equipment for their house, and plans to donate any additional money to places like Planned Parenthood if they exceed their goal of $2,000.

h/t: KSHB

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