Karamo Brown Responds to Threats Following Sean Spicer Drama

The "Queer Eye" star is back on social media.

It’s tough to dance around an elephant in the room.

Karamo Brown, resident culture expert on Netflix’s Emmy-winning Queer Eye reboot, is breaking his silence about the response to his recent controversial comments about Sean Spicer.

It was revealed last month that Brown would be competing on the upcoming season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars along with Spicer, the former White House press secretary who repeatedly lied to the American public while working for the Trump administration.

Following the DWTS cast announcement, Brown spoke with Access Hollywood about Spicer’s casting and how he had been talking with him “all day,” adding that he was a “good guy, really sweet guy.”

“People would look at us and think that we’re polar opposites,” Brown continued. “But I’m a big believer that if you can talk to someone and meet in the middle, you can learn about each other and help each other both grow.”

Fans were quick to drag Brown and his defense of Spicer, which eventually prompted the 38-year-old Queer Eye star to delete his Twitter and take a break from Instagram.

His fellow Fab Fivers stayed quiet on the topic, except for Bobby Berk, who dragged ABC while defending his co-star in a series of now-deleted tweets, explaining that Brown had just gone into “media training” mode.

“Everything around us is constantly too political as it is,” Berk tweeted. “Shame on you ABC for now making this beloved show political by casting one of the biggest liars who has ever been.”

Brown finally returned to Instagram this week with his first post since August 22. The brief video shows him blissing out as he sings along to “Girl” by Maren Morris.

“So… some of you may know I deleted my other social media pages and took a long break from posting on ig because I been in a bad state of mind,” Brown wrote. “My kids/family & I were being threatened by strangers… People who I thought supported & loved me turned their backs on me… saying I was a traitor, a horrible person, delusional and treating me really bad… but as I walk into my first dance rehearsal… No More Tears and No More Holding My Head Low!” Brown ended his post with the hashtags “#EverythingsGonnaBeOkay” and “#ImBack.”

Spicer told Us Weekly this week that he “felt bad” for Brown after the backlash.

Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

“He and I had a really fun talk—not about politics, just about getting to know each other and how excited we are about that opportunity,” Spicer explained. “That’s kind of been his trademark. He has tried to foster a more positive dialogue and he did it again and it was really great, but I felt bad because he was trying to be a good person… He was obviously doing the right and good thing and he has the best intentions.”

Queer Eye returned July 19 for its fourth season and has already been renewed for a fifth.

Season 28 of DWTS premieres September 16 on ABC.

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