Kardashian Family Manages To Look Even Worse

Great news guys! I have a new meal ticket!

Dina Lohan would be so proud! After a week of nonstop press discussing the difficulty of daughter Kim Kardashian’s public divorce after 72 days of marriage, Kris Jenner did what every great mother would do — sent her daughter to Las Vegas for her Sweet 16. I mean, you can’t even make this stuff up at this point.

Kendall Jenner, as every impressionable teenager should do on her sixteenth birthday,  joined her 14-year-old sister Kylie for a party in Vegas. So to recap,  two teenagers flew to Las Vegas for a birthday less than a week after an entire nation wondered how their family could possibly get more inappropriate and press hungry.

They found a way.

The age-appropriate pair went to the Sugar Factory at the Miarage Hotel & Casino to buy some sweets as part of the big celebration. They picked up sour cherry gummy candies and caramel apples, which they generously shared with the crewmembers who were filming them for an E! special. Aw, sharing their candy? Who said the Kardashian clan didn’t give enough to charity?

No doubt they all made a whole lot of money during this trip. So at least Kris is doing better than her idol Dina in that regard. And, even better, it seems Kris has found a new fave daughter now that cash cow Kim must be put out to pasture.

Business before the welfare of your children always, it’s the great Kardashian way.