Watch Kate McKinnon As Hillary Clinton Perform Heartbreaking Cover Of “Hallelujah”

"I'm not giving up, and neither should you."

After last week’s election results many wondered how SNL would handle Hillary Clinton’s defeat—and it turns out they chose tears over laughter.

In the episode’s cold open, Kate McKinnon—who has been playing Clinton on the show for years—sat at a piano dressed in a pantsuit and sang an emotional cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”—honoring the singer-songwriter who passed away last week.

Will Heath/NBC

Social media was quick to rave that this cold open was a classic—calling it one of the best moments in the history of SNL:

But not everyone was happy about it. In a new piece for Laura Beck called out SNL’s hypocrisy:

But let us be real: This is an empty gesture — and, frankly, hypocritical horse shit. Saturday Night Live has repeatedly made light of Donald Trump’s myriad terrifying ideas and actions, and even had him on to host the show last year, normalizing his behavior to their millions of viewers. Sorry, but you don’t get to help elect a pile of trash and then cry because your house smells like garbage.

Watch the powerful performance below and judge for yourself.


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