Why Kate McKinnon Isn’t on Instagram, Doesn’t Use Emojis

"Oh, did I mention that I am actually from the past?"

“Am I not the most interesting person in the world?” asks Emmy winner Kate McKinnon.

As part of a new Glamour cover story, McKinnon showed off her lack of tech savviness in a digital bonus video called “Last Thing on My Phone.”

The 34-year-old SNL breakout is promoting her upcoming comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me, in which she and Mila Kunis star as best friends who become embroiled in international espionage.

“I have never used an emoji,” McKinnon admits in the clip. “I don’t know how to use an emoji, nor do I know what emojis I would use. I do sometimes make a smiley face out of a colon and parentheses. I guess I’m behind the times.”

She also unapologetically explains why she doesn’t have an Instagram account: “It seems like a lot of pictures of coffee and a lot of sun flares, and I don’t know what is there besides that.”

Just for the record, she doesn’t have Spotify, she doesn’t know how to find the last thing she Googled, and she almost exclusively takes photos of her cat.

“Oh, did I mention that I am actually from the past? I traveled here from 1845 this morning, so that’s why I’m so behind on all this stuff. It was a busy morning.”

She does, however, use the Citi Bike app, listen to podcasts, and text with fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race fan Leslie Jones.

McKinnon’s Glamour profile notes that she’s “the first out lesbian on SNL and one of the most famous gay women in America. Because of these facts, she is frequently asked about her sexuality, though she consistently declines to discuss her personal life. She seems to prefer to put pieces of herself—and her queerness—into her characters: the perfect drag of her Bieber bit, the unabashed flirtiness of Holtzmann in Ghostbusters, the hints of high camp when she plays ultrafeminine women.”

Slide into McKinnon’s nonexistent DMs below.

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