That Time Kate McKinnon Buried Her Face In Ryan Gosling’s Butt

"Last guy who did that got double-barrel pink eye."

Kate McKinnon really let Ryan Gosling’s ass have it during last night’s 43rd season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

Alongside host Gosling and castmate Cecily Strong, the two-time Emmy winner revisited wacky character Ms. Rafferty, everyone’s favorite alien abductee, for another round of awkward questioning by the CIA.

Rafferty, who somehow always ends up with “her taco and her choco” exposed during the amateur abductions, asks Gosling’s hat-obsessed character, Todd, to stand up and turn around so that she can demonstrate how the butt-less aliens thoroughly examined her crack.

“My theory is they thought I had broken into two pieces and they were trying to put Humpty Dumpty together again,” she says. Then she proceeds to knead, jiggle, and even punch #datass. Some lesbians have all the luck, eh?

Gosling totally broke character and started to laugh even before McKinnon face-planted in the actor’s sweet cheeks, in an effort to show how one determined alien had searched for the source of the tear.

“I was like, ‘Hey, last guy who did that got double-barrel pink eye,'” she says.

Watch the sketch below.

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