Trending in Style: Kate Middleton Looks Cranky & Old In Royal Portrait

Muuuch better in real life. Courtesy of Getty Images.

  • Kate Middleton attended the unveiling of her royal portrait, which definitely looks like her, but on a bad day. She is so much smilier in real life, what gives? And what’s the deal with portraits, anyway? Can we just Instagram her from the actual ceremony because she looked super cute and lively!
  • In a recent interview, Marc Jacobs talked about why he turned down the Dior job, and it isn’t as scandalous as anyone thought: his psychiatrist simply helped him realize that it wasn’t going to make him happy.
  • Brad Pitt, surprisingly, is game to do more commercials, this time in China for Cadillac (how very Lost in Translation of him.) Perhaps the language barrier will be enough to prevent bizarre, lengthy monologues!
  • Snooki, who’s launched pretty much every type of accessory under the sun, has now ventured into headphones that look like bejeweled headbands. As an added note, she looks great post-baby!
  • A woman spent a year completely makeup-less, and says she felt emotionally happier and liberated. In other news, drag queens everywhere are shaking their heads.